This is dumb and I should know this but what is F.U.B.U.? (slightly ashamed that I'm asking this question, but not really ...)

My best guess is: Fighting Uniuqe Blueberries Underwater.
Either that or: Frosted Unicorns Becoming United.
Oh actually I just realized it's FUBU! Do I need to coordinating blue plaid shorts and shirt (shirt/dress i mean)?? I might not be right for this club ...

And another thing.
B and I used to have code names to write notes to eachother [prob 7th grade ish] ... one was newt, but I can't remember the other. I'm sure he remembers, I just want to remember to ask him ... oh no wait i just remembered. it was rat. no no weasel. that's right weasel. how appealing. i also vaguely remember writing about "tape" and i think i remember who it referred to ... do you remember bare?? haha

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  1. Funny how you asked about FUBU because I thought about explaining it in the dachshund post. FUBU really means For Us, By Us... how fitting? But yet, we must wear coordinating outfits when you read or post.... Not coordinating with each other, but with it's self. Meaning same baby blue shoes, shirt and hat (you may wear dark colored jeans, if they are baggy enough)